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Fixed Planetarium Systems


Fixed planetariums are designed by creating special drawings according to the dimensions of the planned places.

Domes can be made in the form of drywall or fiberglass domes.


Fixed planetariums can be built for every budget.


In fixed planetariums, spherical mirror-fisheye-multiple projection is determined as an interior system.


We can also build planetariums in small areas with in-room fixed planetariums that do not require large construction.





The dome diameter is determined according to the size of the area and the project is prepared.

The number of seats is determined according to the diameter of the dome.

The project is completed by creating the preferred internal system.



Planetarium domes require special effort, they should be smooth and matte, experts should work on this subject.

The seat arrangement should be positioned in a curvilinear way against the picture.

There are many details like this.


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