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"A person who has not made a mistake has never tried anything new."

                                           Albert EINSTEIN


Daily Planetarium Service is Provided in Colleges, Public Schools, Kindergartens, National Holidays, Special Days, Promotion Days and Science Festivals.



You can rent daily, weekly or monthly with our specially designed planetarium tents and our latest technology systems.

Planetarium is a spherical system, inside with 360 degree view

offers the opportunity to see the 3-dimensional state of space.


Planetarium demonstration aims to teach children while having fun.


Planetarium screenings are specially prepared for each age group.


The screenings are accompanied by expert astronomers.


To experience this different experience

You can enrich your planetarium activity with our astronomy workshops.


We have many workshops on different themes.


Our workshops are suitable for children aged 5-14.





We have services for observing the moon, planet and daytime sun observations with our telescopes.


Observations can be made if the weather conditions are suitable.

To review our events in, please

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