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"Science and art migrate from where they are

not appreciated."

                                          Ibn Sina


Developing science and technology takes a more and more place in our lives every day and develops. New generations are rapidly adapting to this technology. Developed countries use this developing technology to improve the science of ASTRONOMY and to understand the universe better. The science of astronomy, which has been emphasized and indispensable since the first years of education in developed countries, has not yet taken its place in the education system in our country.

At this point, in order to eliminate this deficiency in our education system, as ISTANBUL PLANETARYUM, we established the latest technology portable planetarium systems.

We built fixed planetariums with fisheye systems.

We have been providing all kinds of services related to planetarium for more than 10 years.

We are Astronomers graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences.


Our aim; To contribute to raising a generation that is knowledgeable about astronomy from an early age, knows the universe better, attaches importance to science and can think scientifically. Our goal; To provide recognition of planetarium systems in our country. We aim to offer today's children the opportunity to learn while having fun, as an alternative to the familiar education or entertainment concepts, by engaging in works with the content of learning by living.




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